Helping women who love to dance lose weight and keep it off

[without crazy diets or endless hours exercising]


Ready to ditch the extra weight and be done with it for good? 

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Hey Gorgeous!

I’m Ashley [aka Fit Body by Ashley] and I’m your certified fit body weight loss coach

I serve women who love to dance—they are bold, vibrant, positive and driven but find themselves struggling to lose weight and keep it off for good.

They are ready to ditch the extra pounds and create a healthy lifestyle they enjoy so they can experience more happiness, healthiness and self-confidence. 

I help them make weight loss fun and sustainable

so they slim down and never have to worry about gaining the weight back again with my personalized coaching, fun workout routines and my step by step weight loss program.

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People talk...AND Here's what my PEEPS say

[Disclaimer: All this praise could get awkwardly awkward]
Fun! Fresh! Energetic! I can only workout in the evenings after work so i'm quite tired and need to motivate myself to workout! BUT when that music comes on i'm super excited to start! LOVE IT!!!!
Maria S.
Amazing fun, sexy, get your heart racing workouts! And she has a heart of gold!
nkrumah Y.

Every time I have done one of Ashley's workouts, I feel so motivated and compelled to push myself to the max. I've seen weight shed and feel so good all around. THANK YOU SO MUCH ASHLEY!!!!
Trina J.
Before working with Ashley, I had gained some weight, and I dreaded the idea of going to the gym and following restrictive diets. 
First, she helped me connect to my WHY which gave me a bigger reason for my weight loss journey. Then, she showed me how to make small healthier changes that satisfied me instead of suffering through a depriving diet plan. She also gave me a holistic and sustainable approach to losing weight, and keeping it off all while gaining strength.
Ashley will take you off of the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster once and for all.
You’ll feel happy, energized, and supported while doing it.
And I love being a part of her great online community that is full of accountability and guidance!

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